Otai (Watch Online)

. Saturday, March 14, 2009
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Aiman is married to Azura for 3 years and have not yet to conceive any child. Aiman's father Tan Sri Mansur is not much pleased with this and have pressured them even more when he announced that if they dont have a child by the end of the year all of his wealth will be donated to an orphans house.

Hearing this Azura decided to undergo a medical check up and found out that she has some reproductive problems that can't be fixed. She thus allowed Aiman to remarry with another girl with 17 rules and regulations. Aiman begged from his friend, Sammy to find a wife for him but all were rejected by Azura because they were too beautiful.

Azura finally agreed to Mawar as Aiman's 2nd wife because she seemed less prettier then most of them. On the wedding day when Azura found out and saw the true beauty of Mawar she fainted. As she was being medicated by the doctor, they found out that Azura is pregnant.

With the presence of Azura's mother all hell broke loose even more plus with Aiman's urges to reamarry again just made things even more complicated with their family.

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