Haru Biru (Watch Online)

. Monday, March 16, 2009
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A tale of friendship between three friends, Kid )QUE HAIDAR) a young executive, Ariyana (DYNAZ) a model and Dani (IJOY AZHARI) a freelance photogapher. Their friendship encountered a serious test when Kif secretly having an affair whit Ariyana behind Dani's back.

However, their secret was revealed when Kid's ex-girlfriend, Suzi (BETTY BANAFE) has become a threat to their relationship. Suzi is hoping that Kid could save her from her miserable life being a mistress to Big Daddy.

Kid whom apparently being seduced by Suzi was left with no choice but to help her. Due to frustration and hurt, Ariyana decided to end her relationship with Kid. Meanwhile, Dani felt betrayed, thus disappeared.

Things got out control and became haywire when Big Daddy sent his man, Abang Kecik (EMAN MANAN) to track them down.

Human conflict which involve relationship, friendship, love, drug abuse and mistress has been smoothed out through the issues of social, life, scanfalism and gangstarism.

HARU BIRU - brings yuo unexpected ending.

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