Madu Tiga (Watch Online)

. Thursday, March 12, 2009
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Director : Tan Sri P. Ramlee
Producer (Company) : Malay Film Productions Ltd

Category : Feature Film
Language : Malay
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Classification : U - General viewing for all ages
Release Date : 12 February 1964

Jamil, already married decided to get a second wife, Hasnah, without Latifah's permission. Latifah came to know about it went to his wedding ceremony and created a big chaos. Jamil ran away and stayed low key for few days in a hotel thinking of his next move. He pretended to be badly injured in an accident hoping to get sympathy from his wives. It worked wonders with the help of his personal assistant, Rafee. Just when everything was calm and smooth, Jamil met Rohani and it was love at first sight. Jamil decided to get married... again. Latifah's father helped Jamil to divide his time between the three wives without any one of them getting overly suspicious. By sheer coincidence, the three wives met in a jewellery shop. Hell broke loose between Hasnah and Latifah but Rohani intervened, not knowing that she too was related to Latifah and Hasnah. Rohani suggested that they have a tea session in her home and ironed out their differences. While they were sitting by the garden, Jamil saw the three of them and fled the scene. When Rohani realized that Jamil has three wives altogether, they chased after Jamil which leads us to one of the most hilarious scenes. Will love prevail?

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