Impak Maksima (Watch Online)

. Monday, March 16, 2009
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Ayie is a young man currently studying in college. He is very much fond with racing cars. He is often invloved with illegal race car activities and spends most of his time with two of his best friends Loyai and Amran. Ayie is continoulsy being lectured by his brother who has taken care of him since their parents passed away when he was still young. Johari is running a workshop the workshop where Amran is working. Johari used to be a big time car racer but eventually quit because he didn't want his younger brother to follow his footsteps.

Ayie is very much well known among the students at college. Ayie one day bumped into a freshie (Eva Liana) who happened to have this drop dead beauty that caught his attention. He began to spend most of his time with Eva eventually afterwards and spent less time with racing cars and lingering around. One day Loyai was approached by Ray who challenged Ayie in a drag race but he strongly refused to accept because he had made previous arrangements to meet Eva. Amran secretly met up with Ray and accepted the challange putting down RM5,000.00 to seal the deal.

The race between Amran and Ray took place and resulted with Amran losing to him. The news of his defeat travelled fast till Loyai and Ayie found out about it. Loyai and Ayie hurried searching for Amran because they knew he was in danger. As Ray wanted to collect his reward, they argued and threw punches at each other which made Amran panic and fled the scene with his car. Ray very much pissed off chased after Amran through the city which caught the police attention for driving very fast and recklessly. As Amran was trying to escape the police he met with an accident. Ayie who witnessed the whole incident couldnt help him out because he himself eventually was caught by the police and detained at the police station.

Johari very much dissapointed with his brother and came to the police station to bail him out. He was approached by maria, an undercover police who has been following very closely Ray's activity. They have discussed and there was only one way to save Ayie. The police requested Johari to set up a race with Ray in order to catch him. Johari who has quit for a long time had to begin trainging brushing up his skills with the help of Loyai. Will their plan ever succeed?

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