Muhsin (Watch Online)

. Saturday, March 14, 2009
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Everyone has a first love to talk about. This is the love story of Mukhsin and Orked when he is 12 and she is 10. The first time Orked set eyes on Mukhsin is when he sees Orked playing in the rain. From that moment on, his heart is on fire and his hand is 'dancing' to the song that Kak Yam is singing as he goes to his aunt's house. Orked does not behave like the other girls in her village. She is sent to a Chinese medium school, she speaks English and prefers to read rather than to play with her peers. While other children tolerate her participation in their games and revelry, the tomboyish Orked is very much treated like an outsider. Things change when Mukhsin, a boy from another village, gets to know of Orked. Mukhsin's existence has made Orked's life more memorable. Their friendship blossoms overnight, even to the extent that they begin to dress alike, running around barefooted, cycling, flying kites and climbing trees. Mukhsin has tried to tell Orked that he likes her. But he never manages to tell her.

"Mukhsin" has since won 3 more international awards. They are as follows:

1. silver hanoman, jogja NETPAC asian film festival
2. best asean film, cinemanila, philippines
3. special mention, castellinaria international film festival
4. special mention, Berlinale 2007
5. The Grand Prix of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk

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