KL Menjerit 1 (Watch Online)

. Wednesday, March 11, 2009
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Director : Bade Hj. Azmi
Producer (Company) : Tayangan Unggul Sdn. Bhd.

Category : Feature Film
Language : Malay
Genre : Drama, Action
Classification : U - General viewing for all ages
Release Date : 08 September 2005
Duration : 100 min

Ku Izham is a lonely, quiet guy, trying to adjust to life working in Kuala Lumpur. Whilst he has found a job and has quite a stable life, he does not feel content. Until one day…. he meets a beautiful na├»ve girl Khatijah, a lonely girl who has a secret so deep that she takes drugs to forget her past. Ku doesn’t know of her shady past and thinks that he has found one good thing in his miserable life. He goes back to his hometown and tries to convince his best friend, Shahrul to come to KL with him. Shahrul refuses, wanting to stay in Perlis rather than face the hectic life of the city. Ku is disappointed but keeps trying to persuade Shahrul, even though deep down he is not too sure why he is lying about this so called “good life” in the city. When Ku returns to KL he meets up with a lady racer, who challenges him to a race. He refuses, but gives chase, and loses. Shahrul comes to KL in the end because of Ku, and takes up the challenge to race against this mysterious racer. It turns out to be a girl. What the mat motors don’t know is that this girl is an undercover agent wanting to solve a rape case…. She has gone undercover as the suspects are thought to be amongst the gangs of street racers. However, the chemistry between Shahrul and this girl, Nina, is strong, and soon she confides in him that she is investigating a case that involves Ku’s girlfriend, Khatijah. Shahrul tries to warn Ku that Khatijah is not all she seems, but Ku takes this as a personal insult. He takes out his anger by wanting to race with Shahrul. Shahrul, the better racer, refuses to be drawn into this childish display of machoism, but is convinced by Nina to race and to lose, rather than to lose the friendship altogether. When Ku wins the race, he thinks it is due to his superior racing skill and that he has defeated the champion, Shahrul. Shahrul gives in and regrets that he had told Ku about Khatijah in the first place. Ku still cannot forgive Shahrul and the animosity grows. As Nina and Shahrul get closer, Shahrul starts to play a key role in organizing a race where they think the culprits will attend. Sure enough, Sam the guy responsible for organizing Khatijah’s gang rape appears, with his groupies…. They are all taken in by the police and questioned. With Khatijah’s help they are able to apprehend the rapists. However, Ku is still left in the dark. Shahrul keeps his promise to Khatijah not to tell Ku about what has actually happened to her. She tells Ku that she is ready to leave KL with him to go back to her hometown, Johor. They will be able to start a good life there together.

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